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Meet the Players Dave Booker

Monday 4th May 2020

Meet the Players Dave Booker

Today‚Äôs MEET THE PLAYERS is Dave Booker, 

Dave is a change bowler for the 2nds who often doesn't give away much.

What is your nickname and why?
Books or Booksie.....Pretty self explanatory really. 

Most memorable moment in an Abberton shirt?
Any of the teams I've been in that have been got promoted in. Two stand out, Witham away in an ill tempered game which has already been mentioned several times. Then there was Dunmow away last season, another game that was ill tempered and had nothing to do with me......hey Arnie!

When was your league debut? 
I honestly cannot remember my Abberton debut, probably somewhere around 2004. I remember my first game in mens cricket though. It was for Colchester Grasshoppers at home to Birch at Boudicea Way in the Lancaster Garages league. I think I hit 43 and took a couple of wickets

My All time Abberton XI? 

  1. A. Sherwood. A fantastic guy on and off the field who enjoyed a night a Vallies on a Saturday evening.
  2. S.Calladine. Another great opening bat who was partial to bowling a pomegranate or two when asked.
  3. R.Moxon. The Chief. Yet another guy that makes batting look easy but his running between those stumps leaves a little to be desired!
  4. S.Swinn. A club legend. His club record says all there is to say about him.
  5. K. Robb. A hard hitting Saffa that enjoyed a bit of chirp on the field whether he is batting or fielding. It's just a shame no one can understand him!
  6. R.Savill. The all rounder. Whether batting, bowling or his fielding, Sav is a must have for me. Just needs to stop believing in crop circles, it was the fairies! Those that played with him at Chappel know this story.
  7. P. Brown.Another club legend. Easily one of the best keepers I have played with but his kit left a lot to be desired. Put it this way, you wouldn't change near him, especially after a hot afternoon in the field.
  8. C. Appleyard. Apples, they guy who got me over to Abberton. One of the nicest guys I have played the game with. I can only imagine how many more wickets he would have taken if he wasnt so nice!
  9. M. Gilray. Another one of our southern hemisphere 'imports' who was not afraid of some chirp and a great opening bowler.
  10. R. McDonough. Probably get slated for this but 'Tommy' would have been an excellent back up to the two opening bowlers above. Never saw him get sent off from a cricket field so a plus there I think!
  11. B.Lille. A gentle giant. If it wasn't for Bob, I probably would not have had an interest in cricket after finishing playing colts cricket

If you was on a desert island, name one book you would take and read. 
Not quite sure, probably one of the autobiographies I have. The book I'm reading at the moment is called ' If This Is A Man/The Truce' by Primo Levi. An Auschwitz survivor who details his life in the camp and his life after the camp was liberated by the Russians

If Abberton were on a cruise ship and you have three spaces left in the life raft, which three members are you saving and why? 
Kevin Chapman and Will House. Purely because I doubt there would be a dull moment with these two and you would certainly need your spirits lifting at some point.
Marc Fox. Mr Chairman. He would need to be there for his level headiness just in case things di not go to plan!

Best bat I have owned? 
I've owned 3 'gun' bats, a DF Magnum, a Gray Nicolls GN500 and a Kookaburra Bubble. I thin the GN500 just pips the other two.

Interesting fact. 
I have seen the band OMD (Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark) perform over 150 times