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Meet the Players Sam Trussler

Tuesday 5th May 2020

Meet the Players Sam Trussler

Today‚Äôs MEET THE PLAYERS is Sam Trussler. 

Sam's a former wicket Keeper Batsman, he's also our website developer.

What is your nickname and why?
Trussnuts - mainly from my youth where some were convinced I was crazy. Most known though would be Teflon. Derived from edges not being able to stay in my gloves. Think it was Craig Scott who came up with this... not 100% sure though.

What is your most memorable moment in a Abberton shirt? 
Most have gone for an achievement however the moment that sticks in my mind the most was Frinton away. Can't remember if it was Saturday or Sunday 1st team game however their batsman had skyed one between long off and long on. Matt Gilray and Mark Copson both going for it and neither called for it. Next thing we all heard a massive thud and then no movement from either on the ground. Suddenly I found myself sprinting across the ground to find them both just lying there. I can't really remember much after that just first aid / army training kicking in. After that day cricket became just a game win or lose, just have fun and a beer after!

When was your League debut, who was it against and how did you get on?
1996. I would have been 9 years old. No idea of the team or opposition but it was at the brow and we were presumably short of a player or two but I remember batting last and the opposition going mental that I'd edged one behind, being 9 I didn't know what they were on about. Between overs Barry Ball gave me a choice word or two... (Sarky comments from St Margarets away are not needed here.)

What is your all time Abberton Xl?
No particular order based on players I have played with at the club -

  • Simon Swinn, Never played with him in his prime however watching him to this day you can tell that he was something different. 
  • Aaron Trussler, On his day he'll take nearly any bowling attack apart. Not a bad fielder but watching him run with his dinosaur arms will make anyones day.
  • Richard Moxon, Such a dream to watch in the middle. Great for moral and will win you matches with his sweets (or inspirational team talks).
  • Keith Brewster, Very imposing man. from memory only played a season or two with him. Very talented batsman and a handy with the ball when needed.
  • Steven Snell, Simply put made batting look easy. 
  • Ryan Savill, Played with him as a colt for the club. Great batsman and better bowler. Will always take you a wicket when you need one and his cricketing brain is second to none. 
  • Daniel Stumbles, Very tall spinner. One of the most difficult to keep wicket to because of the bounce and turn he used to get. 
  • Tom Pike, good safe pair hands behind the stumps, and useful with the bat.
  • Craig Scott, he'd probably want to escape fast but I'd have him at first slip. Always has an opinion and 9 time out of 10 he's right. Rate his bowling/control and can always rely on a few quick and cheap overs from him.
  • Will House, great for the team. Has some crazy ideas but I've kept to some unplayable bowling from him. Would love to see him bowl six balls in the same place though haha. 
  • Matt Gilray, Solid bowler who had superb control - once asked me to stand up to the stumps then promised he'd bowl straight. My hand has never hurt so much.

If you stranded on a desert island name one book you would take and read? 
War & Peace - guaranteed to take a long time to read, plus alot of fire paper when it's finally done to start a rescue fire.

If Abberton were on a cruise. The Ship hits an Iceberg and you have three spaces left in your evacuation raft. Which three members are you saving and why? 

  1. Aaron, Brother has to be done.
  2. Marc Fox, just 100% a genuine person who has his heart in all the right places. Always has time for you no matter who you are or whats happened in the past.
  3. Richard Moxon, been stranded for 6?? hours on the side of the motorway with him, he seems alright...

If you could sponsor one current or former player from Abberton with a bat sticker who would it be?
Kevin Grant, guy has played alot of cricket and shows no signs of slowing down. Travels all over the country playing so I'd get my moneys worth.

What is the most interesting place you have visited? 
Afghanistan. Only place I know where you can go for a scrap then a few hours later go swimming the other side of a dam totally safe until some posh twit of an officer goes grenade fishing... Would love to see what could come of a country which has been fought over time and time and always left the invaders leave with very little to show for their efforts.

Best bat you've owned?
Slazenger - why do somethings always remain great in your mind. It was probably a useless bat, but it was before I joined the army and I trained like crazy with it and scored many runs with it.

One fact about yourself that no one else would know?
I failed computer studies at school - couldn't even work a Microsoft Word Document & secretly love a Romantic Comedy.