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Meet the Players Callum Appleyard

Wednesday 6th May 2020

Meet the Players Callum Appleyard

MEET THE PLAYERS: In today's instalment of Meet the Players we have former player Callum Appleyard. 

Callum was with us between 2005 - 2007 from Australia as our opening bowler and enjoyed 3 promotions with us.

What is your nickname and why?
Apples (Surname Appleyard)

Most memorable moment in an Abberton Shirt?

There are a few
1: I’d say my first game for the club was an honour as I was the clubs first overseas player 
2: Scoring my first hundred and taking my first hat trick
3: our promotion winning game in my first season, second last game of the season and all was on the line, Shaun batted out of his skin on a wet deck and we won in the last over I think they needed 8 off my last over. Swinny told me I had to bowl from one end the whole game and did 24 overs I think it was. 

When was your Abberton League Debut?
2005, cant remember team, bowled ok but won the game with the bat scoring 47* and finishing it with 3 x 6s

What is you all time Abberton XI?

  • Shaun Calladine
  • John Gallant
  • Mike Abrey
  • Jon Ward
  • Kemsley Robb
  • Simon Swinn
  • Dave Schofield
  • Mike Kettle
  • Barry Rudlin 
  • Dave Booker
  • Craig Scott

If you was stranded on a desert island name one book you take and read?
Sir Alex Ferguson Bio Book

If Abberton were on a cruise The ship hits an iceberg and you have three spaces left in your evacuation raft, which three members are you saving and why? 
Foxy, Kems,Shaun Calladine - spent a lot of time with these blokes especially Foxy and his family. We would find a way to make it work and have a laugh

If you could sponsor one current or former player for Abberton with a bat sticker who would it be? 
I’d sponsor Swinny, legend of the club and learnt a lot from him

What is the most interesting place you have visited? 
Bath, UK.... best place going around. Have been there several times and took my wife back there as part of our honeymoon

Best bat you have owned? 
Best bat was a Newbery Uzi, made in Sussex and scored a ton with it first game it came out

One face about you?
I’m currently Senior Assistant Coach at Essendon CC in Victorian Premier Cricket and hoping to get my ICC Level 3 Certification this year