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Meet the Players Kemsley Robb

Thursday 7th May 2020

Meet the Players Kemsley Robb

MEET THE PLAYERS: In todays installment of Meet the Players we have former player Kemsley Robb

Kemsley's a hard hitting top order batsman.

What is your nickname and why? 
Kemma, Dogga 

How/why did you join Abberton Cricket club? 
Played against ADCC year before and got some runs and thought it would be a great place to play. Craig and Bob Scott and Apples convinced me to join. 

When was your League debut, who was it against and how did you get on? 
2007 I can’t remember who it was against. 

What are your career best figures?
Bat- Scored 151 3 times!!! Must be unlucky number 
Ball- 5/38 vs Mildenhall 

What is your most memorable moment in an Abberton shirt? 
Have lots of great memories of the club, 3 amazing years there at this great club on and off the field .Getting a 100 off 40 balls is definitely up there though. 

What is your all time Abberton Xl? 
Gone for 12 

  • Northern Monkey Calladine- Good player, lots of theories
  • Steve Snell- could be destructive on his day
  • Dickie Moxon- Mr consistent
  • Gilboy- One of best bowlers I have seen in league cricket, too good for most, handy batter too
  • Apples- Could bowl all day, my 1st wingman
  • Sav- finished innings well, miserly bowler
  • Whitey- only 1 year bowling spin with him, best thing ever did was change into spinner, competitor 
  • Ketts-good keeper, unreal standing up
  • Brewster- bucket hands, odd maverick performance 
  • Budgie- handy left arm spinner,always moans but good bloke
  • Craig- Bowled good lengths 
  • Tabash- with a long sleeve on

What is your favorite thing about Abberton? 
The people, Ground very nice too 

What is your favorite away ground and why? 
Sudbury and Mistley nice and short straight Colchester’s wicket though 

Interesting Fact
Slept in the changeroom a few times with the great Stickers