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Meet the Players James Root

Tuesday 12th May 2020

Meet the Players James Root

In todays installment of Meet the Players we have former player James Root

What is your nickname and why? 


How/why did you join Abberton Cricket club? 
Parents moved behind the ground when I was 7, the old man couldn’t believe his luck and neither could I. A great upbringing with loads of fond memories. 

When was your League debut, who was it against and how did you get on? 

Can’t remember but colts debut I took 3 for 7 and made it into the paper. All downhill from there. 

What are your career best figures? 
Bat:- 40 odd a couple of times at home. Vs. Maldon and away at Boxted, I think?

Ball:- 5 for something, Chairman’s day, probably around 1998? I claimed the wickets of some players I looked up to; Badger, Frank Strachan, Matt Hills (first ball, sorry mate) and the late, great Edgar Rumney. 

What is your most memorable moment in an Abberton shirt? 

Winning a couple of evening leagues in late 90’s. Didn’t contribute much with such a strong team (just as well); Foxy, Tom and Matt Hills, Tex, Hood, Rudders, Kevin Ward, Karl Davie etc. Great laugh, 15 eight ball overs, long before Twenty20.

What is your all time Abberton Xl?

What is your favorite thing about Abberton
The people. Best sports club I’ve ever been a part of and gave me such great life skills growing up; mainly how to take a joke and how to drink!

What is your favorite away ground and why? 
Boxted. Always a friendly game over there

Who was the best player you’ve played cricket with? 

Callum Appleyard. Changed the club for the good (don’t tell him that though). Also, the blindest man ever to play the game, Penfold look a like

Interesting Fact

Once interviewed Brazilian World Cup winning Captain, Cafu at AC Milan’s training ground surrounded by armed guards. That was fun. We were doing a photoshoot for the music magazine too and needed him to balance a tambourine on his foot, like a football, and he couldn’t do it. I showed him how and it went down bad. Then Gennaro Gattuso was hurling abuse at him for the entirety of the interview whilst doing laps of the pitch in a sit on mower and Cafu couldn’t wait to answer my rubbish questions and go home, playing with his keys throughout. To top it off, my Editor was convinced Brazil would make it to the World Cup Final (2006) so held the interview for the following week, only for France to knock them out in the quarters, so it never got published. Story of my life.