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Meet the Players Paul Wootton

Wednesday 13th May 2020

Meet the Players Paul Wootton

In todays installment of Meet the Players we have former player Paul Wootton

What is your nickname and why? 

Thamesy or Woots. Thamesy because I created an impassable barrier in the field and could not move left or right! 

How/why did you join Abberton Cricket club? 

I moved over from Gloucestershire and started working at Hambro insurance. I asked about cricket in the area and Penny Hester gave me Edgar Rumney's number. So I turned up for a run out for the 2nds.

When was your League debut, who was it against and how did you get on?
First game was for the 2nds. I could not find my whites so had to borrow Edgar's, needless to say I was restricted! 

What are your career best figures? 
Bat:- 140* 

What is your most memorable moment in an Abberton shirt? 

Opening the batting with Shaun Calladine and watching him smash a double century. Can't remember running much! 

  • What is your all time Abberton Xl?
  • Calladine (Shauny) 
  • Swinn (Swinny) 
  • Ward (Eagle) 
  • Abrey (Budgy)
  • Henderson (Tex)
  • Saunders (Giles)
  • Whitfield (Junior)
  • Booker M (Booksy)
  • Brown (Browny)
  • Coe C (Coochy, Ghost, Kodak)
  • Fox (Foxy) 

What is your favorite thing about Abberton
The batting wicket

What is your favorite away ground and why?
Harwich, You could always keep your lager cool on the boundary

Who was the best player you’ve played cricket with?
Shaun Calladine