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Meet the Players Ian Collett

Monday 18th May 2020

Meet the Players Ian Collett

In todays installment of Meet the Players we have Ian Collett

What is your nickname and why? 
Colly, standard rule applies to abbreviate surname

How/why did you join Abberton Cricket club? 
My Dad played at the club in the seventies with many of the greats, when we moved back to the area in 2006, it seemed right that I started cricket again 

When was your League debut, who was it against and how did you get on? 
April 2007 against Gt Bromley, never forget seeing Mary's pre match pose applying sudacream! Think we won, I made a stylish single figure score 

What are your career best figures? 
Bat:- 276 n.o. vs Charlie Collett in the garden 
Ball:- For those fortunate enough to see me bowl, think I've taken 2 wickets in my ADCC career, both absolute jaffas...NOT!! 

What is your most memorable moment in an Abberton shirt? 
Have so many memories from playing and watching, enjoyed the coaching side, great to see a few of the colts from years ago are still with the club. And watching Badger pay his match fees to a young colt....the look on the poor boys face!! 

What is your all time Abberton Xl? 

Picked players who I played with who made my experience playing for the club as great as it was. Top blokes, banter, general abuse but true team mates.

  • Abrey
  • Appleyard 
  • Booker (D)
  • Calladine
  • Collett (L)
  • Fox
  • Kettle 
  • Robb
  • Sawdon 
  • Scott
  • Swinn 

What is your favorite thing about Abberton
As Text said, feels like home whenever you are there. Would also add my family love it the club and they always feel safe being there

What is your favorite away ground and why? 
Frinton, played most of my colts cricket there

Who was the best player you’ve played cricket with? 
Robb, gun batsman, dogged, huge desire to win

Interesting Fact
I had a brain tumour burst in 1995, has grown back twice, can't thank the NHS enough for me being here today.