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Commercial Partnership/Sponsorship Opportunities

Why sponsor us?

We are looking to build long, loyal and rewarding commercial partnerships/ sponsorships with local businesses and organisations to ensure we are a sustainable local cricket club.

It is a very exciting time for Abberton & District Cricket Club and one we would like you to be a part of. We believe we can offer businesses unique partnership opportunities differing from the normal "sponsorship gifting" you see with many clubs. We offer low-key advertising right through to full sponsorship advertising and all packages can be adapted and adjusted to best suit your requirements, and aside from these we would love to hear what you can offer us, and how we can help you.

Help us to reach our goals, and we will make it our ambition to ensure your business gets the exposure and reward it deserves. We are more than happy to discuss any aspects of potential partnership or advertising programme with you in detail, you'll find our contact details at the bottom of this page.

Abberton and Langenhoe Charity dance in December. The event raised £1,000! Abberton and Langenhoe Charity dance. The event raised £1,000!

Our Vision & Our Mission.

We are committed to grow not only in number of members but in the quality of our facilities and the enjoyment both on and off the pitch. We are an integral part of the community and have been since our club was founded in 1947. This is a core value within our club, and we make a special effort to ensure that it is upheld.

Abberton & District Cricket Club's mission -

  • PROVIDE a safe, friendly and welcoming environment for all,
  • PLAY the game to the best of our abilities whilst upholding the game's best traditions,
  • UPHOLD the principles embodied in the "Spirit of Cricket",
  • CONTRIBUTE as a vital and progressive force at the heart of our community,
  • ASPIRE to be a club that other clubs hold in high regard and enjoy competing against.
A community event where Father Christmas comes to visit the local children. A community event where Father Christmas comes to visit the local children.

Our Future.

Here at Abberton & District Cricket Club we firmly believe in building for the future. Not only in the physical sense of facilities and equipment, but in the inter-relationships of our players, members, supporters, partners in the development of the junior section to work their way up into the senior sides. Without an influx of youth, the club will eventually dry up and cease to operate on the level it currently does. This is not to say that we focus our efforts entirely on the juniors but through that we open ourselves up to grants and funds that are much needed for the development of the club.

Abberton & District Cricket Club Fathers vs Sons Cricket Match 2014 A junior member being intergrated into senior hard ball cricket through the Two Counties Sunday Division.

Your Role.

Whilst we have enabled access to certain grants and donations, the club survives solely on the commitment and hard work of its members. We all have an expertise in one field or another and try to put that to best use within the club, but financially we don't have the capability to utilise our potential to the maximum.

As a non-professional club we rely on donations, sponsorship and volunteers for the day-to-day running of the Club, and this is why we are integrating a development strategy to help us grow sustainably.

Abberton & District Cricket Clubhouse re-paint 2013 We need your help to run smoothly and effectively as a club.

Example Advertising Opportunities

Example Company Advertising Boards Under Scoreboard Company Advertising Boards Under Scoreboard
Example Company Logo on Cricket Stumps Company Logo on Cricket Stumps
Example Primary Advertising Boards Outside Club House Primary Advertising Boards Outside Club House
Example Company Logo on our website abbertoncricket.co.uk Company Logo on our website abbertoncricket.co.uk

Our Teams

We run two teams on a Saturday and two on a Sunday, the latter being a slightly more social event than the former. Our Saturday teams play within the Two Counties Cricket League with fixtures across both Essex and Suffolk. There is such an enthusiasm for our members to play that it provides great stability and strength, and with it brings stiff competition for places within the teams. On Sundays our club features in the Two Counties Div "C" Cup and the North Essex Cricket League and through-out the season we host over 50 home games per season and in excess of 100 club games in total.

Our thriving junior section has been a huge success, with many youngsters not only regularly appearing for our senior teams, but having a vast impact on the game itself. Currently we have around 60 junior members who are divided into different age groups plus Kwik Cricket which ages range from 5 up to 10/11 or when the player is comfortable to try hard ball cricket. All junior members partake in regular competitive league and tournament style cricket.

Abberton & District Cricket Club Senior First Team during the 2014 campaign. The Two Counties Sunday development team during the 2017 campaign.

Our Commitment

Cricket is unique amongst team sports in its appeal to all Britain"s main ethnic groups and ability to cater for every level of skill and physical type. It has proven worth for instilling many positive social values - such as cooperation, healthy lifestyles and leadership.

We are Clubmark accredited and have been for the last six years and successfully passing the inspection again in 2017 for another three years. The club have implemented a Welfare Officer and also First Aid trained & DBS checked all coaches for that added comfort for parents. We have a total of four ECB (England & Wales Cricket Board) Level 2 qualified coaches who coach the juniors at the club. They attend regular workshops to hone their skills and assist their ability to nurture and develop the talent and allow those keen to enjoy the game to play to their full potential.

Abberton & District Cricket Club Tom Sawdon receiving a framed Achievement Award certificate from the Jack Petchy Foundation. Some of the younger junior members during Friday night cricket training.